Prenatal class
Online or in person in Brno

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I will support you and your partner in preparation for the birth of your baby and postpartum period changes.

This prenatal class is a great way to prepare for labour, birth and the postpartum period. 

6-hour intensive workshop consists of lectures, discussions, exercises, and tips for an easier labour.

I am looking forward to getting to know you! 

Upcoming classes


17.7. and 31.7.

21.8. and 28.8.

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What topics will be discussed?

  • End of pregnancy, possible complications, what can you do to prepare your body for labor, how to know if labor has begun, when to go to the hospital
  • Pain management, dealing with fear, breathing exercises and mutual attunement (in the couple and with the baby)
  • Normal labor and birth - identify the signs of labor and what happens to your body as your baby makes his or her way into the world
  • 1., 2. and 3. stage of labor
  • Positioning for labor and birth
  • Relaxation and massage techniques to alleviate pain exercises for pregnancy
  • Labor support options for fathers, what to do if the birth is really fast
  • Basics of medical interventions and possible complications, medical procedures. Prepare for routine interventions and know, how they can influence the course of labor.
  • Communication skills and your rights in the hospital
  • Writing a birth plan
  • Bonding with the baby
  • Breastfeeding and infant care
  • Babywearing basics
  • Postpartum body, mind, and self-care for women
  • and more, exercises, videos, tips, our experiences, topics depending on your needs and questions

What to bring

Please, come in comfortable clothes, we want you to feel good and comfy! Also, we´ll be changing positions and trying some exercises, so maybe yoga pants and a sports bra is a good choice.  If you have a baby wrap, bring it along so I can show you how to wrap and carry your baby.

Notebook, pens, snacks.

When should you take a childbirth class?

Generally, the best time to begin your childbirth class is 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. Taking a class like this will help you feel confident and prepared for the hard work of birth. 

"Women who take childbirth classes know more about labor and delivery and are less likely to have psychological distress than women who didn't go to classes."

Date and times:

Classes in 2020 will be held on Friday afternoons, 17:00 - 20:00.


3000,- Kč per couple for the whole course

Experiences of couples, that attended our prenatal class:


The prenatal class was great, definitely very informative. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed. Girls are making sure to address all the questions. We discussed every step in the way of giving birth in Czech Republic, what to expect and what are our rights etc. What I find to be especially beneficial now as a new mom, is time we spent learning about breastfeeding. It has gave much needed confidence and has helped me a lot in the 1st month. 


Great class, very very interesting! It's highly recommended if you want to get prepared and ready for the arrival of your child. Anna and Martina explained every single step in details. I learnt many things that I didn't read in any book. It's been great to benefit from their long experience. The place of the class is great. The atmosphere of the course is very relaxed. You don't seat in a classroom. It was also a great opportunity for meeting other international couples about to have a kid too! Thank you very much Anna and Martina for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!