Doula Anna Fiľová
Doula support for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding

Dear women, 

as an English speaking doula, I can help you and your partner to give birth in a foreign environment. 

If you need more comfort in a situation, where not everything being said would be clear to you, you don't know routine in our hospitals or don't understand doctor'professional expressionsI could help you to get the information that you need, so that you can decide what kind of care you want to get and then focus more on yourself and your baby coming.

Prenatal class in English

Pregnant in Brno meetings 

for English speaking mothers or pregnant ladies, every month

Covid-19 updates

Doulas still may not be allowed to accompany women at labour in some hospitals in the Czech republic. If your hospital doesn´t allow you to have a doula by your side, I am available to support you with prenatal consultations, writing a birth plan, changing your plans for birth and finding ways to prepare for birth. I will be happy to support you during early labour at home before you go to the hospital. I also offer virtual, continuous online doula support for birth in the hospital

What it is like, to have a doula?

The first getting-to-know-each-other meeting is free of charge (30 minutes). You will find out how I work and what can I help you with. Then you can decide if I am the right person to support you and your partner in such a delicate moment, as birth is. 

Doula support makes a difference
Doula support makes a difference

If you decide to use my services in the form of "birth package", we will meet more times during pregnancy, depending on your chosen services. 

I can help you with preparation for birth, writing a birth plan, recommending exercise for an easier birth, explaining normal labor mechanism and medical procedures for interventions (if needed), prepare to breastfeed and a postpartum period with your newborn, all depending on your individual needs.

I´ll be available on-call 24/7 during the weeks around your due date and then, as you go into labor, I will be there with you from the time you call me until after 2 hours after the birth of your baby.

Of course, I can provide prenatal consultations only, if you do not need my presence at birth itself. We can discuss all the topics mentioned above. These consultations will be paid individually. 


Individual services:

1. introductory meeting (also online)

30 minutes are free when you´re interested in birth support.


Prenatal consultations (online/in-person)

  • 1 hour
  • every other 30 minutes
  • 1 hour weekend

500 Kč

+ 250 Kč
600 Kč

Breastfeeding support (1 hour)

3 hours

500 Kč

1300 Kč

Access to Natural breastfeeding online program lifetime access (instead of $97). 

Free in any birth support package or for clients who join our prenatal class:)

500 Kč

Reservation fee - on-call availability

includes 4-week on-call availability (from the 38th week of pregnancy) and reservation of your due date (there is a limited number of clients, that I take per month). Unlimited call and email consultations.

2000 Kč

Presence at birth

up to 12 hours. Presence at birth always comes with the reservation of on-call availability.

presence at birth longer than 12 hours

presence at birth longer than 12 hours

4 000 Kč

+  500 Kč

+ 1 000 Kč

Online doula birth support

On-call availability and due date reservation

3000 Kč

1000 Kč

Rebozo / Bengkung - borrowing

Price per week. I can show you how to use it on a prenatal/postpartum consultation.

50 Kč

Deposit for a rebozo / bengkung wrap

900 / 750 Kč

Travel expenses

Brno center and first 10 km from Brno-Slatina are free. Paid after our previous agreement, kilometers count for the way there and back.

5 Kč/km

Parking fees

during consultations or birth support (for example in city center or by Obilní trh hospital).

Individual payment plan

Contact me if you need to set up an individual payment schedule.

by agreement

Birth packages

Discount compared to individual services approximately 10 %

Payment for birth packages is in two parts, the 1st payment for on-call availability and consultations is payable at the beginning of our cooperation, 2nd payment after birth - for birth support and postpartum appointments. You will get more detailed information at a personal meeting.


2 prenatal consultations (60-90 min)
unlimited phone, text and email support

on-call availability + reservation of your due date

Access to Natural breastfeeding online program (

continuous birth support (up to 12 hours included) 

1 postpartum visit (2 hours)

7 500 Kč


2 prenatal consultations (2 hours) 

unlimited phone, text and email support

Access to Natural breastfeeding online program ( 

on-call availability + reservation of your due date

 continuous birth support (up to 12 hours included) 

2 postpartum visit with breastfeeding support (2 hours)

9 000 Kč


3 prenatal consultations (2 hours) 

unlimited phone, text and email support 

Access to Natural breastfeeding online program ( 

on-call availability + reservation of your due date 

continuous birth support (up to 12 hours included) 

2 postpartum visit with breastfeeding support and belly binding (2 hours)

9 900 Kč


1 prenatal consultation (1,5 hours) 

unlimited phone, text and email support, 1/2 on-call availability

Access to Natural breastfeeding online program ( 

pre/post-surgery support, early bonding support at the hospital (up to 12 hours, also during the night)

2 postpartum visit with breastfeeding support (2 hours)

6 900 Kč

Virtual doula birth support

2 online prenatal consultations (2x 2hours)

unlimited phone, text and email support 

on-call availability

Access to Natural breastfeeding online program (

continuous online birth support

1 postpartum consultation and breastfeeding support (2 hours)

6 300 Kč

Contact me here

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Doula Anna Fiľová

Brno - střed, Brno - Slatina, Břeclav

+420 774 349 793

Client testimonials



The moment I met Anna, I knew she would be my doula. She is very knowledgeable and the kind of person that brightens the room. She was very supportive from the beginning, she answered all my questions and provided different sources of information. She is very professional. She respected all my birth wishes and advocated for me at the hospital. Her presence and support during labor was invaluable and I will always be thankful for that. I don't know what I would have done without her. I highly recommend her.  



I chose you because I'm a foreigner, giving birth in another country, then I would need a support to understand how the labor works in Czech Republic and you could speak with everyone in the hospital in Czech and translate it.

I was not sure if I could be able to withstand such pain and the doula proved I was such a brave mother. When I thought I could not handle that pain, she encouraged me, helping me fulfil specific desires I might had for birth. She provided emotional and physical support in labour. I had a positive and safe birth.

What was the return of doula care? Being safe with my baby.

You are very kindly, sweet, you were available all the time, you always answered my calls and messages.



What, was the most helpful part of doula support and why? It helped to talk things through prior to the birth so that I felt better prepared mentally and emotionally for what could happen. Also, it was wonderful to have someone strongly advocate my wishes during the birth.

Why did you choose me as your doula? I appreciate the enthusiasm you have for your work as a doula and that you are up to date with the latest research. Also, your English is excellent!

What part of doula care was most valuable to you? Having a kind, warm person who was "on my side" helped me feel calmer whilst in hospital. Also by helping me to make decisions as the birth progressed I felt more in control of the situation, and it is great that you are not afraid to ask the hospital staff the difficult questions.

What would you say was your biggest fear or worry about birth that led you to hire a doula? I was concerned that I would be too stressed to handle the situation in the Czech language and that my requests would not be listened to.

If a best friend was considering a doula, what would you tell them? If someone was nervous about giving birth I would recommend a doula as someone who can help to make the experience a little less scary. A doula can help you feel more informed beforehand and more in control during the birth. I would certainly recommend you as a doula who has real respect for her clients and fully supports their wishes. I was very grateful that I had considered my options prior to the birth with the help of the doula. And because my birth experience did not go as planned I was grateful to have talked things through beforehand and then have someone anticipate my requests or speak out for me during the birth. 

Who is a doula?

A doula is a trained professional who provides emotional, physical, and informational support to a woman during her pregnancy, the birth of her child, and just after the birth. 

Doulas do not perform clinical tasks, like fetal heart tone assessment or cervical examinations.Mothers who are supported by a doula during pregnancy and birth tend to have lower rates of medical interventions during their labors, including assisted deliveries and cesarean births. They also tend to feel more bonded with their newborns, and their babies tend to breastfeed longer and more exclusively.